Velcro-backed 6inch/150mm sandpaper discs


Available in pack of 10 discs and now SPECIAL OFFER box of 100 discs for €55 (plus VAT in EU)

Having tried and tested endless brands of sanding discs over the years in production, Glenn has sourced these excellent discs.  They have the right combination of a superb velcro backing and aggressive sanding grits which quickly eliminate torn grain and tool marks. ‘They are not the cheapest, but they are the best I have used”.
Velcro-backed sanding discs available in 6inch/150mm and are excellent for sanding bowls and other faceplate work. Use a punch to cut to the size of your 45mm or 75mm sanding pad,  and then attach your sanding pad on your drill.
Sold in pack of 10 discs of the following grits: 80 grit, 100 grit, 120 grit, 180 grit, 240 grit, 320 grit.
You can also purchase a box of 100 discs which is great value if you also have Glenn’s sandpaper punch.
The sanding pads, attached to your drill,  are sold separately :
we recommend punching a 2inch/50mm disc for use with our 45mm sanding pad.
we recommend punching a 3inch/75mm disc for use with our 75mm sanding pad.
Bowl sanding can be seen in this trailer for my download video

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