Spacer for Tormek Universal support arm


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If you own a Tormek fitted with a diamond wheel, this zinc collar (spacer) is very useful as a time safer when switching from sharpening bowl and spindle gouges using the SVD186 on the diamond wheel to honing them on the leather wheel without the need for precise setting up each time.
The spacer is placed in front of the fixed micro adjustment screw when setting the distance from the diamond wheel using the TTS100 and then the spacer is simply removed when honing on the smaller diameter leather wheel without having to set the distance each time. The micro adjustment screw can be held in place using thread lock adhesive which means it will never have to be set using the TTS100 again.
Set up instructions:
Place the collar on the horizontal bar threaded shaft in front of the micro adjustment screw.
Set the distance to hole A using the TTS100
Then use non-permanent Loctite Threadlock  to hold the micro adjustment screw in position.
To hone on the leather wheel after sharpening just remove the collar and it will be automatically the right distance. Put the collar back in place when sharpening again.
It will be set for ever more and will be very efficient.
NB. You will have to purchase a second horizontal bar for the Tormek if you wish to sharpen other woodworking tools where the micro adjustment screw needs adjustment or when using the Hole B setting on the TTS100.
This only works with the Tormek diamond wheels as they don’t reduce in diameter over time.

Ring in position for sharpening, set to Hole A

Ring removed for honing