Tormek collar set (3 rings)


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These collars are a very useful addition for anyone using the Tormek T8 to sharpen bowl and spindle gouges on a diamond wheel.
When sharpening the ½” bowl or ½” spindle gouge such as the GL5 and GL7. The collars, when placed on the horizontal support arm each side of the SVD186 jig, prevent the tool from being turned over too far. They will help keep the side wings of the tool at the right length maintaining their desired profile.
The collar can also be really useful when the gouge has to be sharpened and then honed on the leather wheel. This only works with the Tormek diamond wheels as they don’t reduce in diameter over time.
Place the collar on the horizontal bar threaded shaft in front of the adjustable thumb screw.
Set the distance to hole A using the TTS100
Then use non-permanent loctite to hold the thumb screw in position.
To hone on the leather wheel after sharpening just remove the collar and it will be automatically the right distance. Put the collar back in place when sharpening again.
It will be set for ever more and very efficient.
NB. You will have to purchase a second horizontal bar for the Tormek if you wish to sharpen other woodworking tools where the thumb screw needs adjustment.

Collars in position

Collar limits rotation of tool

Ring in position for sharpening, set to Hole A

Ring removed for honing