Tenon sizing indicator


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This device is very useful for precisely sizing the tenon or recess on a bowl.
The stainless steel ring securely clamps onto the exterior of either a Vicmarc live centre or Oneway/Powermatic live centre.
The pointer can be adjusted to suit the chuck jaws size you are working with.
For use with Vicmarc live centre – 35mm – 1” 3/8
For use with Oneway/Powermatic live centre 41mm – 1”5/8
You can purchase individual Tenon Sizing Indicators to suit each size of chuck jaw sets, or alternatively, fit additional pointers onto one unit (available separately).
For tenon sizes of 2” it is recommend that you order separately an angled pointer set. Please note min working size is 1″ 3/4 – 45mm.
This can be seen in use in Glenn’s Bowl Turning Techniques DVD. Please note that this is not designed to cut or touch the wood but only to help you visually size the tenon to the correct size.