‘Square Edge Bowl’ video (no. 16) of live demo on 20th Feb 2021



Video of  my ‘Turn a Square Edge Bowl’ live demo on 20th February 2021

High definition download is  8.33 GB (download time will vary dependant on your wifi connection).

If you require a lower resolution (4.88 GB) please let us know.

WeTransfer file will be forwarded to you no more than 12  hours after ordering from us (please allow for time difference).

© Glenn Lucas February 2021

Also available as a DVD if you prefer to have a disk for your library.

If you prefer a STREAMING service to a download, checkout my Woodturning Movie Collection subscription.

For group viewing, e.g. woodturning club zoom meeting, please contact us to arrange a separate licence fee.

Downloading Advice: Please note, for ease of use, it is important to download the movie to a PC before copying it to your other devices such as phones or tablets. If the movie loads into your browser and starts playing automatically you should “Right-Click” and select “Save As” to save the .MP4 file to your computer before proceeding.
For comprehensive instructions on downloading please read our tips.
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