6″ Velcro sanding pad – electric drill adaptor (5/16″ thread – 3/8″ shaft)


VAT will be added for EU orders.

5/16” x 24 tpi sanding pad adaptor for use with 5” and 6” Velcro sanding pads.

This adaptor will allow you to use large sanding pads in your standard electric drill. My preferred method when sanding the exterior of my bowls and platters is to use 6” velcro sanding discs which are much faster and more economic than 2” and 3” discs. 

6” sanding pads are designed for orbital sanders and usually come with a 5/16UNF male thread which will not work with an electric drill with an adaptor. With this adaptor you too can take advantage of using these pads in your electric drill. It is recommended to use a little thread adhesive to prevent unscrewing when used in reverse.

NB. Sanding pad not included but widely available online or any auto body shops.