1½ hour Remote Private Tuition – by arrangement


1½ hour private tuition via Zoom, Sales Tax/Vat included

In advance of the class, you and Glenn will agree the topic of your private tuition, so that Glenn can fully prepare tools, camera set-up and materials. It is helpful if you prepare a list of questions or concerns you have.

Glenn can demonstrate many techniques, including:

  • -Sharpening
  • -Problem-solving at the lathe
  • -One-way coring system
  • -Tool technique with spindle or face plate turning
  • -Wood drying techniques
  • -Sanding and finishing techniques
  • -Chucking techniques

It is helpful if you email your questions to Glenn in advance of the tutorial. Please provide a short list of some of the equipment you use and a photograph of your workshop if you want some assistance or advice on setting this up for maximum efficiency.

To get the most out of your remote class, it may be best for you to set up a camera/phone/iPad so that Glenn can observe you turn for a short while, and then offer some diagnostics – this is a format many who purchase the zoom classes find very useful.

1½ hour private tuition via Zoom/Skype/Facetime

  1. -Purchase your private tutorial (if you wish to join others using Zoom, in the same session – please see our ‘Group Tutorial Links’)
  2. -Agree a time and day with Glenn. USA and & Canada are between 5-8 hours behind Ireland so early morning Pacific time to mid afternoon Eastern time is best. EU countries are 1 hour ahead of Ireland. Preferred time between 9am to 6pm Irish time. Time and day to be agreed with Glenn in advance of the class.
  3. Send Glenn a few questions or concerns, in short bullet points, and he will address these during your class.  If useful for you, please include the equipment you use (lathe, sharpening system etc and/or a photo of your workshop)
  4. -24hours before your tutorial we will contact you  to make sure the connection is working – so please specify what platform you prefer – Zoom/Skype/Facetime

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