Mastering Woodturning Series: No. 7 Bowl Sanding Techniques


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Bowl Sanding Techniques

‘What finish do you use?’  On picking up one of Glenn’s bowls, this is the first question he is asked by turners. The initial step is, of course, good tool technique and the next step is to sand correctly. The ‘finish’ is just one small part of the process.

Turning thousands of bowls since the 1990s, Glenn has perfected his sanding technique and is sharing with the viewer, what he teaches in his classes and uses with great efficiency in his bowl production business. Based in Co Carlow Ireland, Glenn runs a successful woodturning production business and school.

Sanding is fully addressed in this video with answers to frequently asked questions such as – what grit to start with; how to eliminate torn grain or tool marks; and how to get rid of the sanding scratches from the coarse grits. Glenn’s clear instruction and close-up detailed video footage on correct use of sandpaper, sanding pads using the hand-held drill will help you achieve an excellent surface on your turned piece and it will be ready for oiling.

As sanding can be an unhealthy and an uncomfortable activity in the workshop, Glenn gives lots of tips about keeping your lungs free of dust, taking a close look at his dust extraction and respirator.

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The download is no more than 5 gigabytes (download time will vary dependant on your wifi connection).

Directed, Produced and Edited : Glenn Lucas

Cover Design : Lorenzo Tonti

Copyright Glenn Lucas © 2020

The Mastering Woodturning series, all available in download format. 1 to 6 are available as DVD disks.

  1. Tools and Techniques
  2. Bowl Turning Techniques
  3. Sharpening Techniques
  4. Traditional Irish Platter
  5. Dublin Viking Bowl
  6. The Beaded Bowl
  7. Power Sanding Techniques

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