Mastering Woodturning Series: No. 2 Bowl Turning Techniques


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No.2 Bowl Turning Techniques

Worldwide Play

Run Time: 1:40
Released: 2011
16:9 Widescreen
All Regions


Glenn shares his unique approach to turning bowls with clear footage of techniques developed over twenty years in production.

Glenn takes a detailed look at each task, from maintaining the chainsaw to achieving the ultimate tool finish.

“Producing this DVD has been a labour of love. In it I show and explain my personal approach to turning a bowl, along with techniques I have developed over twenty years.”


  • Introduction
  • Safety
  • The Chainsaw
  • Converting the Log
  • The Bandsaw
  • Rough Turning the Bowl
  • Coring the Bowl
  • Seasoning – Air and Kiln Drying
  • Turning the Seasoned Bowl
  • Sanding and Finishing
  • Taking off the Spigot – Vacuum Chucks
  • Slide Show

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These DVDs are very, very well done …I highly recommend them, because even the most knowledgeable turner will find them interesting, and the new and intermediate turners will find a great deal of information to learn.
Bill Blasic, Woodturning Design Magazine, August 2012

This DVD has the potential of becoming a classic. This is the true life story of a wooden bowl, a biography if you like.
Brendan Hogg

I was a bit surprised. In our opinion, this was one of the best woodturning DVDs that we’ve seen.
Fred Holder ‘More Woodturning’ June 2011

I found your latest DVD most informative. What was most commendable, was the quality of production – this was truly stunning.
John Farnsworth

A great refresher for me and very well shot. The quality of your production is streets ahead of what’s on the market currently. I think you might have found your “groove” as us musicians say!
Johnny McCarthy

Thank you very much for a “Brilliant” woodturning DVD. You surely show smooth flow woodturning… inspiring.
Laurie Cremore

Superb. You have raised the bar in the production of DVDs. Absolutely brilliant, entertaining, personal and knowledgeable.
Andrew Hall



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