Mastering Wood Turning Movie Collection Subscription (streaming)

120.00 / year

Membership of The Glenn Lucas Woodturning Collection
Your subscription membership of the NEW Glenn Lucas Woodturning Collection will give you access to the following as a streaming service:
• New videos, released exclusively to members, added on a frequent basis
• All recordings of live demonstrations given by Glenn – there are currently ‘live remote' project-based demos (each at least an hour in length) and there will be more added
• Access to the archive of the 7 original videos, the first one was released as a DVD in 2010 (each at least an hour in length)
• Access to archive of short videos and tips,

  • members are invited to a Get-together via Zoom - the first took place in May 2021. The next one will be in in late summer.

You do not have to download the videos on your computer, they can be streamed once you have a wifi connection... so wherever you are you can watch these videos.

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Glenn's TIP for those NEW to woodturning : watch this video first. No. 11 The Traditional Irish Platter (live demo version)

...then watch No. 5 The Dublin Viking Bowl, then No. 13 Turn a Closed Form Bowl, followed by  No. 12 Thin Walled Bowl… this will develop your technique... then watch the other videos.

The reason we suggest this sequence, is that the videos were not made no 1, 2 ,3 in order to learn-to-turn…that is the chronology of the order they were made since 2011.
When Glenn made the first one, he never dreamed there would be such a large family of videos! We hope you enjoy.