GL5 M42 steel ½” bar ∅ bowl gouge


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Used for finer cuts inside and out of a bowl. Fold-out sharpening leaflet included.

For refining and for finishing cuts. 16″ handle.

New M42 Stay sharp tools

M42 Stay Sharp tools made by Hamlet to Glenns sharpening specifications set a new standard for quality and performance in woodturning tools. Unlike other types of high speed/PM tool steel that sacrifice extreme edge retention for the ability to be honed to a keen edge, or vice versa, M42 Stay Sharp tools provide both for optimum performance you can count on.

Made in England

·       M42 ‘super steel’ for optimum edge holding ability

·       Can be honed to a razor sharp edge

·       Parabolic flute profile for easier sharpening and superb chip clearing

·       Double bevel grind for faster, cleaner cuts

·       Supplied with hand-polished Ash handle

·       Sharp, ready to use out of the box

Used for finer cuts inside and out of a bowl sharpened to a 45 degree angle.
This will achieve a better finish than the ⅝” bowl gouge (GL4) but won’t reach the bottom interior of a bowl. The ½” bowl gouge picks up where this tool cannot reach.

GL5, GL5S, GL7, GL8 (1 of 1)

Parabolic flute profile

Parabolic flute profile


See a short video of GL5 demonstrated at Craft Supplies USA

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