Bushing sets for Tormek sharpening


Nylon bushings for ½” diameter bowl and spindle gouges (2 pieces)

Nylon bushings for 3/8” diameter bowl and spindle gouges (2 pieces)

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These nylon bushings are a very useful addition for anyone using the Tormek T4 or T8 to sharpen 1/2″ or 3/8″ bowl and spindle gouges. They eliminate the issue of the fingernail grind (Irish grind) developing an undesirable concave profile on the wings while sharpening, by setting the distance of how far the SVD 186 gouge jig can rotate.
Choose the appropriate size  bushing set based on the diameter of the bowl or spindle gouges you are using.
The small size nylon bush sets of two are used when sharpening the ½” bowl or spindle gouges such as the GL5 and GL7. The nylon bushings, when placed on the horizontal support arm each side of the SVD186 jig, prevent the tool from being turned over too far. They will help keep the side wings of the tool at the right length maintaining their desired profile.
The large size nylon bushes are used for sharpening 3/8” bowl or spindle gouges such as the GL5S and GL8.