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Six DVDs in the Mastering Woodturning series – Tools and Techniques, Bowl Turning Techniques, Sharpening Techniques, Traditional Irish Platter, Dublin Viking Bowl and The Beaded Bowl.  Sales Tax/VAT will be charged at check out, to customers in the EU only.


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No.1 Tools and Techniques

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”hYQiHkzQK2k”]

Run Time: 1:14
Released: 2010
16:9 Widescreen
All Regions


This DVD echoes Glenn’s successful classes and demonstrations.

It will help beginners identify each of the basic turning tools and gain an understanding of how and where to use them and also benefit the intermediate turner in refining their sharpening and tool skills.

“On this DVD we’ll take a close up look at each tool and you’ll see how to produce crisp turned work with the minimum of sanding necessary. This will include, how to present the tools to the wood, how to avoid tool catches and how good body movement can produce fluid curves in turned work.”


  • Introduction
  • Woodturning Lathe
  • Sharpening Systems
  • Roughing Gouge
  • Parting Tool
  • Spindle Gouge
  • Skew Chisel
  • Bowl Gouge
  • Scrapers
  • Bowl Production Slide Show

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I can honestly say if I could only have one DVD in my library, this would be it.
Greg Haugen, Wood Central

It was superb… outstanding. It is one of the best not just because of the technical content but the artistic attention you gave to the final output. It really reflects your wonderful sense of artistic style.
Herb Lapp, member of Woodturner’s Club, PA.

Despite its introductory orientation, experienced woodturners will also find this video appealing and useful.
Dennis J. Gooding, American Woodturner October 2011

I personally feel that the video is worth watching whether a beginning woodturner or an experienced one.
Fred Holder ‘More Woodturning’ Sept-Oct 2011

You will find this DVD very informative regardless of your woodturning skills; it is rare to have a look at a workshop so efficient and well organized. Even if you are lucky enough to have seen one of his demonstration this DVD is a great addition to every woodturner’s library.
Christian Briespierre, Woodworkers Emporium, Las Vegas

ln Mastering Woodturning shavings were flying from the word ‘go’.
Gerry Ryan, Dublin Chapter IWG Member review in IWG magazine 2011

The footage echoes his (Glenn’s) successful classes and international demonstrations. It will help the beginner identify each of the basic turning tools and gain an understanding of how and where to use them. It will also benefit the intermediate turner in refining their sharpening and tools skills.
Tegan Foley, Woodturning UK


No.2 Bowl Turning Techniques

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”dIA93OkjhLc”]

Worldwide Play

Run Time: 1:40
Released: 2011
16:9 Widescreen
All Regions


Glenn shares his unique approach to turning bowls with clear footage of techniques developed over twenty years in production.

Glenn takes a detailed look at each task, from maintaining the chainsaw to achieving the ultimate tool finish.

“Producing this DVD has been a labour of love. In it I show and explain my personal approach to turning a bowl, along with techniques I have developed over twenty years.”


  • Introduction
  • Safety
  • The Chainsaw
  • Converting the Log
  • The Bandsaw
  • Rough Turning the Bowl
  • Coring the Bowl
  • Seasoning – Air and Kiln Drying
  • Turning the Seasoned Bowl
  • Sanding and Finishing
  • Taking off the Spigot – Vacuum Chucks
  • Slide Show

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These DVDs are very, very well done …I highly recommend them, because even the most knowledgeable turner will find them interesting, and the new and intermediate turners will find a great deal of information to learn.
Bill Blasic, Woodturning Design Magazine, August 2012

This DVD has the potential of becoming a classic. This is the true life story of a wooden bowl, a biography if you like.
Brendan Hogg

I was a bit surprised. In our opinion, this was one of the best woodturning DVDs that we’ve seen.
Fred Holder ‘More Woodturning’ June 2011

I found your latest DVD most informative. What was most commendable, was the quality of production – this was truly stunning.
John Farnsworth

A great refresher for me and very well shot. The quality of your production is streets ahead of what’s on the market currently. I think you might have found your “groove” as us musicians say!
Johnny McCarthy

Thank you very much for a “Brilliant” woodturning DVD. You surely show smooth flow woodturning… inspiring.
Laurie Cremore

Superb. You have raised the bar in the production of DVDs. Absolutely brilliant, entertaining, personal and knowledgeable.
Andrew Hall


No.3 Sharpening Techniques

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”G-eR7c4NNG0″]

Glenn Lucas woodturner Sharpening Techniques DVD cover

Worldwide Play

Run Time: 1:07
Released: 2014
16:9 Widescreen
All Regions


This DVD echoes Glenn’s successful classes and demonstrations.

What we have come to expect from a Glenn Lucas DVD is accurate explanations about tool use and technique, demonstrated with clear footage.

In this DVD Glenn shows in simple steps, how to use woodturning tools on a range of sharpening systems common on the market – Tormek, Oneway Wolverine, Sorby Pro-Edge (pre 2018 models), Woodcut Tru-Grind.

For turners considering investing in one, this DVD will show each system put though its paces. Each is fairly presented by Glenn who gets the very best results from all.

“Jig sharpening helps you to achieve the perfect edge immediately. Sharp tools are where woodturning begins.”


  • Sharpening Systems – An Overview
  • Bowl and Spindle Gouges
  • Oneway Wolverine Jig Settings
  • Woodcut Tru-Grind Jig Settings
  • Tormek Jig Settings
  • Sorby Pro-Edge Jig Settings  (for Sorby jigs made up to 2018)

Sharpening Techniques Stills


No.4 Traditional Irish Platter


Worldwide play

Run Time: 1:19
Released: 2016
16:9 Widescreen


Follow Glenn’s tried and tested platter making tips for this Traditional Irish Platter.

“Making beautiful functional ware for everyday use, is what I love to do. The style for this plate is based on an
old Irish design from an heirloom in my collection. In easy to follow steps, I will show you how to make this
piece. It is practical for daily home use, finely detailed and shows off the grain when not in use. Once you
master this project, add your own flourish and design, and build up a dinner service!


No.5 Dublin Viking Bowl


Worldwide play

Run Time: 1:13
Released: 2016
16:9 Widescreen


This project is based on an eleventh century bowl, recently uncovered on a Viking settlement in Dublin
and now in the collection of The National Museum of Ireland. Its elegant shape is the inspiration for Glenn’s latest project.

Clear instruction will help you make this otherwise challenging piece and the skills you will use can
be applied to turning any bowl. Its classic form and functionality are timeless.

Also included, is a short film ‘Early Morning Project’


No.6  The Beaded Bowl

Worldwide play

Run Time: 1:00
Released: 2018
16:9 Widescreen


The Beaded Bowl is an excellent project to refine the skills of the amateur woodturner. Using wood dimensions that are readily available, Glenn takes you step by step through making this beautiful bowl.

Clear instruction will help you make this otherwise challenging piece and the skills you will learn can be applied to turning any bowl.  Turning the beads is shown using two different methods : a simple scraping technique for those new to turning, and, the skilled use of a spindle gouge with minimum of sanding.

Also included in the DVD (not download), is a short film ‘The Salad Bowl’


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