GL 6 – ⅝” bar ∅ bottom finishing bowl gouge


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For fine finishing of the bottom interior of a bowl. Fold-out sharpening leaflet included.

For finishing cuts on the interior bottom of the bowl. 16″ handle.

This tool is sharpened with one purpose only and that is the fine finishing of the bottom interior of a bowl. It gives a clean polished finished in the hands of an experienced turner. For use by advanced turners it can be sharpened freehand or using a sharpening system.

See a short video of GL6 demonstrated at Craft Supplies USA

Also see the GL6 in use on  DVD no 3 ‘Sharpening Techniques’ for sharpening on the most common sharpening systems.

or see the tool in use in DVD 5 about the ‘Dublin Viking Bowl’ (at time 1:01:00).

This tool is available to customers in the USA through Craft Supplies USA, the sole agent in the USA. Link to Craft Supplies, USA online site.

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Parabolic flute profile

Parabolic flute profile

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