Tea for Two – Serving Tray

by | Feb 25, 2024 | Uncategorized

See Glenn’s Contemporary Serving Tray video trailer on YouTube (14 mins)

In this download video Glenn shows how to make an elegant serving tray which he was commissioned to make for a restaurant.

It can be used for serving tables with drinks or morning coffee.

Purchase the full 1 hour 20 mins download video here

What you will learn:

Glenn shows how to select the right piece of wood from a log to ensure stability and a pleasing grain pattern.

  • A tour of the lumber yard and a look at suitable logs.
  • Selecting a log and marking out for stability and beautiful grain pattern in the finished piece.
  • Processing the log with the chainsaw.
  • End sealing and air drying.
  • A tour of Glenn’s wood drying kiln.
  • Thoughts on design and function of the serving tray.
  • Tools and techniques for crisp turning and a precise finished piece.
  • How to make the surface perfectly flat.
  • Discussion on chucking methods such as a recess or tenon.
  • Sanding and finishing.
  • Removing the Tenon.

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