Beads of Courage ‘Lidded Bowl’

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In 2020 Glenn Lucas included in his online woodturning demonstrations, the ‘Lidded Bowl’.  It has become popular with turners for Beads of Courage, an international programme helping children undergoing cancer treatment.  Glenn donates to this charity through Ireland’s Childhood Cancer Foundation. In the USA and Canada, due to a partnership with the AAW, many woodturning clubs promote the making of woodturned vessels, which are then donated to children who are undergoing treatment and the children use these handmade vessels for their collections.

About Beads of Courage

Beads of Courage enables children to tell their story using colourful beads as meaningful symbols of courage that commemorate milestones along their unique treatment path. This international programme helps to decrease distress, increases positive coping strategies and helps children find meaning in illness. Children have something tangible that can use to explain their experiences.  Childhood Cancer Foundation run the Beads of Courage programme in Ireland.

How to make a ‘Lidded Bowl’

Glenn’s next demo about the ‘Lidded Bowl’ is on Nov 23rd 2020 and you can book your place here for €10. This demo is a starting point for many who wish to make a lidded box – everyone’s will be different.

If you wish to have a video download of the ‘Lidded Bowl’ demo to keep, we sell this for €15 from the online shop.

Guidelines for ‘Beads of Courage’ vessels – SOURCE : AAW in the USA

  • Recommended interior dimensions for turned boxes are: 6” diameter (5” min.), 5” height (4” min.).
  • Recommended interior dimensions for flatwork boxes are 4″x6″x4″.
  • Box bases should be wide enough so the box is stable and does not tip over easily.
  • Lids for Beads of Courage boxes should be easy for small or ill children to remove or lift.
  • Any finials should be easy for a small child to grasp and not too elaborate so they don’t break.
  • Avoid excessively elaborate designs that may easily break or be damaged; remember, hospital rooms have limited storage space.
  • Finishing of boxes is extremely important. Beads of Courage members who receive these boxes are susceptible to germs/ infections/mould.
  • Bowls that have not been properly sealed can harbour mould.
  • Please take the time to ensure you are using a safe finishing process that does not contain toxic materials. Also do not use finishes like linseed oil that take a long time to outgas. All kinds of wood are beautiful! Please refrain from painting Beads of Courage boxes. Instead, highlight the beauty of the wood with clear varnish, a stain, and/or burning.


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